Nozipho Construction

About Us

Nozipho Construction (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2013, servicing the commercial, industrial and residential markets of South Africa. With these short years of experience notwithstanding, we have a highly skilled management team as well as a good number of competent staff with enviable years of irrefutable experience; Nozipho has established itself as one of the fast growing South African construction companies today.

More importantly, Nozipho is a dynamic company and prides itself as being an innovative fully black-owned construction company enabling projects of varying sizes of unlimited value and size to be taken on and accountability, integrity and transparency. There are direct links between management and staff ensuring personal attention, quick decision making and a hands-on approach which delineates us from our competitors. In Nozipho our clients are treated as important as they are to our existence because without the clients we would not be in business hence the treatment.

Nozipho’s priority is to ensure that our team of highly skilled and competent employees across the board are trained and constantly developed with the growing technologies so as to compete favorably in the construction industry. Nozipho’s staff were previously disadvantaged and we have been able to combat that by constantly training the workers in various skills. This however is proved in the scale of jobs we have been able to engage in and the testimonies of the clients. Nozipho offers a full scale operation for home renovation, from design all the way through to submission of plans, site inspection, electrical, plumbing, tiling, and supervision. Each project is planned according to your unique requirements, allowing you to create your perfect living space simply and effectively. With extensive experienced management and professionals and skills within the construction industry, Nozipho works with you each step of the way, with a full-service approach that saves you time and costs. Thus our slogan;


 WE TURN YOUR DREAM HOUSE INTO A REALITY – whether for sale purposes or if you have moved into a voets-toets house, or you want to renovate – we help design according to your requirements.  Call us now for a free site inspection to get you a REALLY decent price for the sale of your house.  We know your home is important to you and bears many memories so each and every client is treated uniquely.

I. Custom-make a solution, fitting your unique requirements and projects.
II. Apply materials of the highest quality and engage qualified specialists.


The team that works with Nozipho is established, consisting of field experts who bring years of specialized experience to any project.